How It Works

Contact us through our contact form and easily & quickly go through our sign-up process. You will determine the amount of "Field Users" (Project Supervisors, Superintendents, Foremen) and you will determine who your 'Master Administrators" are (Upper Management, Employees who will oversee all/multiple project reports)

Once your company is signed up, users can start using the app through their mobile devices or tablets and start easily documenting and leading the way with safety on job sites.

Once Simple Safety is easily implemented within your employee's daily routines, safety will become a culture on your projects. Work is performed in a safe and efficient way while not losing any productivity. Most importantly, complacency in safety is disrupted.

Once users save their reports, it is available in real time to any Master Administrator, who can see reports in real time on their Simple Safety web portal. These document are available to download and export at any time.

If at any time you need a report, it is available through the Simple Safety web portal. Any document can be found by filtering by specific dates, types of reports or by who completed the report.

Our Features

Each type of report in Simple Safety Inc. has features to increase productivity and safety culture morale.

Daily Pre-Task Plans / Sign-In

  • Time/Date stamps of reports
  • Easily go through a safety check-list
  • Automatically timestamps individual crew member signatures
  • Easily exported to anyone (General Contractors, Subcontractors, Customer)
  • Reduces risk of time loss due to safety violations
  • Reinforces safety culture every day

Daily Field Reports

  • Built-In camera feature
  • Reduce hazards by assessing field conditions
  • Proactive Approach to recognizing hazards in the field

Incident Reports

  • Quickly and accurately report all details
  • Built-In camera feature
  • Digital signature and automatic timestamp feature
  • Send out reports right away to any personnel necessary

Sign-Out / Close-Out

  • Make Sure Your Crew Safely Leaves the Job Site
  • Digital Signature and Timestamp Feature
  • User-Friendly Checklist For Close-Out
  • Built-In Camera Feature

Toolbox Talk / Safety Stand-Down

  •  Make sure your crews or subcontractors take a "stand down" after an incident or new hazards
  • Date & time stamped sign-in's
  • Make sure toolboxs talks are being done to disrupt complacency

Simple Safety's user friendly interface will help propel your company's safety to new levels.
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